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When to Form an LLC

You’ve decided to start a business. Congrats! Now it’s time to decide what kind of business structure to choose. Here’s everything you need to know about forming an LLC. Checkout this video: Introduction An LLC, or limited liability company, is a business structure that can combine the best features of a corporation and a partnership. … Read more

How to Write Off Business Expenses for an LLC

If you’re running a business as an LLC, you can write off a number of expenses on your taxes. Here’s a guide on how to do it. Checkout this video: Introduction If you have an LLC, understanding how to write off business expenses is important for keeping more of your hard-earned money. When it comes … Read more

What is the Owner of a LLC Called?

The owner of a limited liability company (LLC) is called a member. Most LLCs have one member, although some have more. Checkout this video: Introduction In the business world, there are different types of business entities that a person can form. One of these business entities is a limited liability company, which is commonly referred … Read more

What is an LLC Operating Agreement?

An LLC Operating Agreement is a contract between the members of an LLC that sets forth the rules and regulations for the LLC. Checkout this video: What is an LLC? An LLC, or limited liability company, is a business structure that offers personal financial protection in the event that the business is sued. LLCs are … Read more

How Much Does a VA LLC Cost?

How Much Does a VA LLC Cost? If you’re thinking about starting a LLC in Virginia, you’re probably wondering how much it will cost. The answer depends on a few factors, but we’ll break it down for you so you can make an informed decision. Checkout this video: The Cost of Forming a VA LLC … Read more

The Benefits of Forming a Texas Series LLC

Understand the benefits of forming a Texas series LLC and how this unique corporate structure can help your business. Checkout this video: Introduction ###What is a Texas Series LLC? A Texas series LLC is a limited liability company that has the ability to create separate divisions, or series, within the company. Each series is its … Read more

Naming Your Texas LLC

When you form a Texas LLC, you need to give it a name. The name you choose will be used on official documents and filings, so it’s important to pick something that is both professional and easy to remember. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect name for your Texas LLC. Checkout this video: … Read more

How to Look Up a Tennessee LLC

LLCs in Tennessee have certain privileges and benefits not available to other business entities.3 min read Checkout this video: Go to the website of the Tennessee Secretary of State Visit the website of the Tennessee Secretary of State. The Secretary of State’s website has a searchable database of all registered businesses in the state of … Read more

How to Get a PA LLC Certificate of Organization

How to Get a PA LLC Certificate of Organization If you want to form a Pennsylvania limited liability company, you must file a Certificate of Organization with the Pennsylvania Department of State. This article will tell you how to get a PA LLC Certificate of Organization. Checkout this video: Go to the Pennsylvania Department of … Read more

Here's How To Create An LLC in Just Minutes!

*This applies to Virginia residents too!

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